Monday, November 7, 2011

Research Project: Tiger Woods

I have no idea what my topic is going to be.... Maybe something about how the Tiger Woods scandal was covered by media and how that changed people's views towards him and how it affected him. Compare how people saw hime before and how people saw him during and how people see him now. Also compare maybe his game before, during, and after and how the media coverage affected that. Possibly throw in how the game of golf itself was affected by this event and the way in which the media covered it. This is just my general idea not really sure where I am going to go with it.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Looking and the Gaze

Durer's- The way the man is looking at the woman seems very objective. He is surrounded by hard objects like the table and the sword which are very sturdy objects. The woman is surrounded by pillows and in a position that is reclined. She is posing her body and the man is using his mind. This is showing the man being above the woman. The woman is also surrounded by nature showing the sensitive side while the man is thinking and drawing showing his reason.

America- The man in this erect and the woman is reclined showing how the man is the master over the woman. The man is clearly from Europe and civilized while the woman is representing America as primitive. The man has ships behind him and by the way he is dressed it is clear he comes from a distinct culture but the woman is basically naked showing the nature side and primitive side of America.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Howard Jackson

Dear Journal,

This is my first journal entry. My name is Howard Jackson and today was my first day of high school. I was kind of nervous; the school is mostly white and well I am not. Being black is tough in mostly all white community but I manage. I had lots of classes today and I enjoyed seeing a lot of my classmates again but the one class I really enjoyed was Ms. Khoury’s class. She teaches world literature. She was a very interesting teacher because she was a minority like me. I think she was from somewhere in the Middle East but I am not sure. She told us today she was going to teach about a ton of different types of literature from all over the world. I am really excited to learn about other cultures and hopefully the white kids in my class may be less awkward around me because I am black. I also liked the class because she was so energetic and upbeat. She seemed like the type of person that would help you with anything and everything which is nice for me because she can relate to me being a minority and all. I guess deep down its just a good feeling to know for once I have a superior on my side. If I need help I can go to her, and I just know she would be more than happy to help. Another thing that is going to help me get through the hard times is wrestling. I love wrestling and now that I am an high school I have the opportunity to be on the team. Nothing can bother me when I am wrestling not racism, school, or anything else. With the combination of Ms. Khoury and wrestling this should be a great four years.

Dear Journal,

Today at the internment camp was one of the hardest days. I haven’t been keeping up with my journal lately because I have been so busy so its time to catch up. While being a guard at the internment camp has been a great time recently something has happened. Recently my old teacher from high school was taken and put into my camp. This was my world literature teacher who I loved so much and helped me a lot through high school. I am torn between what is right for my country and the teacher that was so good to me. How could Ms. Khoury be a threat to my country? She was a wonderful teacher not a terrorist. Although these thoughts are tearing me apart they are not the worst part. The other day Ms. Khoury asked me to find out some information for her because she could tell some planning had been going on. People were starting to disappear and she was getting worried. I honestly don’t know what to do. On the one hand I am serving my country but on the other does Ms. Khoury really deserve this? Do any of them really deserve this? Honestly I do not think she deserves this at all she has done nothing. All she has tried to do is help kids learn and get their education to the best of her ability. I joined to better our country but I don’t feel like I am doing that right now. If anything I feel like I am making this country worse. I am black and how would I feel during the slavery period? It was the law but does that make it right? No it doesn’t but I cant do anything about I am just a guard. I have power over them but I don’t have power over anyone else. After going through all of this I decided I would help Ms. Khoury. I found the reports on everyone in her cabin. Ms. Khoury was a threat but not anything to high but her friend Rheema was another story. Rheema was a high security threat. I am going to give this information to Ms. Khoury tomorrow. I don’t think she knows what this information really means but I do. They are going to kill Rheema and play it off as an accident or some disease. I wish I could do something but if they found out I did they would kill me. The most I can do is give Ms. Khoury the information and hope that she can use it to protect Rheema even though I highly doubt it. She is going to die and all I can do is sit back and watch. I hate myself right now and have to just sit back and watch as people lives pass through my hands. I’m serving my country but I feel like shit. I don’t know what I should do. Do I quit and do something else for a career? What else can I do? This is all I know and I am good at it. I take my orders do what I am told and get praised. I wish I could just not question right and wrong but just accept. Hopefully I will look back on this someday and say that I did the right thing by not doing anything and if I would of did something I would of regretted it.

Dear Journal,

I quit writing in this journal years ago but I felt the need to express some things so I decide to do one more entry. I am old man now probably lying on my deathbed right now as I am writing this. I have lead a great life but a boring life. The reason I decided I needed to do another blog post is because I have been thinking a lot about when I was a guard in the internment camps all those years ago. Specifically I have been thinking about my old teacher Ms. Khoury and her friend Rheema. Reflecting back on the situation now I feel horrible about sitting back and watching instead of taking action and helping. I guess this really shouldn’t surprise me, since I have been a follower my whole life but for some reason this really gets to me. My whole life I have taken orders from somebody but never from myself. I know some people are born to be leaders and some are born to be followers but I also believe in certain situations you have to stand up for what is right even if you are a follower. This all leads back to that one situation that I have regretted my entire life. Being a guard in those internment camps was probably the worst thing I have ever done. Looking back on it what our country did to those people was horrible. How could we deny them their freedom that they have earned? They were Americans just like we were; they just had a few bad eggs that wrecked it for the whole bunch. It was as if our country had regressed instead of progressed. When I reflect back on it I cant help but relate it to slavery. Slavery is a big part of my history and although they weren’t slaves we did take away their freedom. I know that freedom is what slaves wanted and that’s all that Middle Eastern Americans wanted. I struggle thinking and talking about this time in my life because it haunts me so deeply. I have never told my kids about this and I am not sure if I should. I don’t think I have enough courage to talk to them about this. How would they take it? Would they think I was a murderer? At the time I thought I was doing the right thing. I was serving my country the problem was that our country was doing something wrong. I think I am going to give this journal to them when I die so they can read for themselves what happened. Hopefully they will understand that I was just following the crowd and that I know now that I was wrong for doing so. The one thing I regret most of all is not going to see Ms. Khoury after the internment camps were done. I wanted to sit down and talk with her and get some closure. If I were only braver maybe then I would have. I hope somehow she has forgiven me for the things I did and the things I didn’t do. Now that I have written this down and received a little closure I am going to close my eyes to never open them again.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Outline Short Story


My character wants to be cool
To be cool and popular you needed this certain product
Everyone cool had it
After working extremely hard my character finally gets it
Shortly after he gets it something horrible happens..
Everyone who has bought this product has died within 5 years so far
My character now realizes how stupid he was for conforming and want something just because everyone else wanted it.

Short Story Theme

Loss of individualism

Time Span

I think my story will be over a couple of days my character needs to feel cool a little bit before he finds out the bad news.


High School I think


Just one right now not sure if I will add more main characters or just supporting characters

Monday, October 17, 2011

Short Story

I think I am going to do the short story about a future dystopia. I think I will focus on how advertising affects what we think, buy, and do. It will be similar yet different to the BNW. I will focus only on advertising and the affects. I will use the element of setting to bring together my story for the most part. I don't really know what my story is going to be like. I haven't put to much thought into it but it will somehow go to the extreme on how we as a society conform. How we think something is cool or awesome because we are told it is. I think I might do a story about how everyone starts conforming to what is supposed to be cool but then a tradgedy happens. That one thing that everyone gets because it is cool causes some sort of a disease which inevitably is going to kill everyone. Showing how if we all conform we are essentially killing our identity similar to the BNW. Its a rough thought right now but when I sit down and think about it a little more I think it should come together nicely.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Internment Camps

Healing Process For The Japanese Americans.

The way the Japanese heeled was very different from what I expected. The thing that stood out to me was how they did not talk about it. They had every right to talk about it and be mad about it but they didn't. They didn't want their kids growing up with a grudge against the U.S. I think because they did this it was easier for the whole community to get passed this horrible thing that happened. The other thing that I thought was huge in their healing process was the redress. This was a sort of closer for the Japanese. I am sure the money was nice but the thing that really mattered to them was the apology and finally feeling accepted. This made them finally feel part of America and was good closure.

Healing Process For The Arab-Americans.

I think Zafira's ways of recovery would differ greatly from the Japanese. She would tell everyone and hide nothing. Kids would learn about it as soon as possible. She would hold rallies and demand an apology instead of more or less requesting one like the Japanese did. I guess I don't know how exactly she would do it but I am sure it would be extreme. She is a woman of action and she would use her great power of empathy to make the U.S. feel ashamed and guilty. She would be loud not just in her voice but in her actions.

Friday, September 30, 2011


I saw it the first weekend so I dont really remember a lot about it but I do remember how it portrayed the U.S. The play made the U.S. seem horrible. I went to the middle east last christmas and not all Americans treat them as badly as the play made it seem. They made the kids in her class seem like assholes when really not very many kids would act like that or ask a teacher about her religon or anything along those lines. I just think that play was way to anti-america. I have interacted with many people from that culture and I have never seen any americans treat them like people did in this play.